GDB Flee

About GDB Flee


GDB Flee is a simple web app, thrown together in a single weekend when my wife was out of town, for helping people get their data out of File Geodatabases and into open and usable formats. The File Geodatabase API when mixed with the OGR plugin may make this fairly simple, but getting this up and running locally can be quite difficult for people not used to compiling their own software or using the command line.


Pretty simple actually. A small c library uses OGR and the File Geodatabase API to do all the data conversion heavy lifting. The library uses the Python C API to allow python scripts to hook into it. A very lightweight flask application handles the web side of things and calls into the c library with data uploaded by a user. The whole thing is running on Red Hat's OpenShift cloud platform, which makes it extremely easy to mix native code with python.

Take a look at the source over on GitHub for more details.

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